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If you are reading this, you may be concerned about the environment. Thank you ! I also want to reassure you: you are not alone!

we believe that everyone deserves to be happy and deserves to enjoy the beauty of our beautiful planet.

We believe that everyone around us deserves to share this joy with us no matter where we are, whether we are at home or outside or even enjoying the beauty of nature.

More than a science in itself, ecology is a variable to take into account whatever action we undertake. Thus, the environmental impact of an economic, industrial or even social policy should always be measured and limited. Fortunately for the organisms with which we share nature, many thinkers have focused on the ecological considerations that a good policy should adopt.

The preservation of our planet is a serious subject and a priority. But let’s not forget to keep smiling!

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We cannot end our Presentation without presenting the company called FLASHFISH which manufactures our excellent products by which we are currently able to offer this modest contribution for the protection of our beautiful planet



Flashfish was founded in 2010 by a group of adventurous engineers who believe in making electricity portabable, clean, outdoors-oriented, and accessible.


Since 2010, flashfish has been committed to providing outdoor green power solutions for explorers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Flashfish Solar Generators were designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Our clean, quiet, and convenient solar generators allow you, the explorer, to enjoy an endless supply of power on your outdoor adventures. They also act as a reliable backup power source at home. We want everyone to enjoy the outdoor life.


We help people succeed in living a green, off-grid lifestyle, designing products for the outdoor enthusiasts. All the power you need, when you need it most!

Fastest & Safest

We create the world’s most innovative, eco-friendly power solutions that enable you to live, dream, and explore without limits.

Recharge from 0% TO 100% Within 3.5 HOUR With Fastest charging Technology.

100W USB-C ports, 10W wireless charging pad, perfect CPAP battery.

New Released Series - Flashfish A301 Portable Power Staiton - 320W Rated And 292Wh Capacity

Certified Quality Made by Flashfish

Not only does the Flashfish team ensure each product is made with the highest-quality materials, but we also implement strict quality control processes so all products are built to function optimally.

All of our items comply with strict safety and QC certifications.

Worldwide Technical & Customer Support

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